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The fastest, most flexible way to get on-chain data.

HyperIndex. HyperSync. HyperRPC.

Time to index 10,000 events

Benchmark results are based on indexing 5,395,050 swap events from the ETH/USDC uniswap v3 pool on mainnet (source)


A blazingly fast complete indexing solution. Index 30m uni swap events in under 1hr (use .js, .ts or .res).


The state of the art way to extract on-chain data to JSON, Arrow or Parquet. Megafast. Megaflexible. Realtime


An extremely fast read-only RPC for data intensive tasks. Drop in solution with mind boggling performance boost

Unleash the power of on-chain data.

Tap into unparalleled speed and agility with Envio. Retrieve 5 million events in under 5 minutes. Experience the new era of Web3 development.

ship creatures shipping blockchain data indexing and querying

Fast. Flexible. Friendly.

Say goodbye to long hours of data extraction. Dive in with hyper speed. Craft your next-gen Web3 masterpiece.

One command init. One command dev. One command deploy

# Initialise an indexer with 'envio init'

Shipooor@shipping-station:~/envio-indexer$ _

Write code you know

Ship faster in a familiar language. Use JavaScript, TypeScript or ReScript.

Integrate before your next coffee.

Drop in replacements. SDKs. Quickstart templates.

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By builders. For builders

Float Shipping has been building blockchain indexers since DeFi began. Envio was initially designed to power high speed trading in Float.

Visit the testnet deployment of

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Ship with us

Build with Envio, build with hyperspeed. Join our community of elite shippers and get hands on support from the core team.

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